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»It is time now to introduce myself and tell you in short the BCG story«

"BCG" How the story began...

In the year 1979 I was working as locksmith in the water processing field. An acquaintance of mine gave me the idea of providing heater sealing services using a fluid silicate. After a while I came to find the composition suitable for such sealing type. The tests were gratifyingly successful, as the product had the expected effects altogether. No problems arose with the leak sealing, so I got the chance to take advantage of such innovation in the sealing field. I set out with a few instruments and some cans of sealing product. I may say it was the debut of a new job, as second professional business. The living room was serving as office, the storage room was located on the attic floor while the product tests were made in the cellar; so I started it under very straitened circumstances. I was advertising my services in various daily newspapers and house magazines. In the course of time I received increasingly more orders and I came to seal untight heating systems all over Germany, by means of the sealing fluid substance.

That’s how the “BCG” name came into being

“Hamburger Blatt” showed their interest in my product intending to write an article on this. While I was talking with the editors in charge, they asked me what the name of my product is. At that time my product was having no name, so I was supposed to find one quickly. The names of my daughters crossed through my mind: Barbara, Cornelia, Gabriele . I took the initial of each of them and I added their ages – at that time the sum of their ages was 24 – so the name of the product came into being: BCG 24.

That’s how my daughters stood protectors for the range of products that were to come.

Barbara - Cornelia - Gabriele

"BCG“ After over 25 years

Even today, more than 25 years later, my name is a symbol of many products and services. We managed to win on the market by means of permanent tests and upgrading.

We are still looking today for challenge in the quest of innovating solutions, with the purpose of successfully facing the future, together with our customers.

On the BCG anniversary in August 2004, the BCG Academy was founded. This is the place where, on the various workshops, in addition to the engineering know-how and details on the products, information is taught about the distribution of the products.

Wilhelm Klieboldt

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