BCG Special

Field of application

BCG Special liquid sealing eliminates water loss in district and central heating, boilers, pipes, radiators and underfloor heating installations.

Short description

Up to 400L per day. BCG Special seals all industry-known materials (plastic and metal).


What BCG Special makes

BCG Special crystallizes at contact with the air. Hereby a solid mechanical seal is created at the leakage spot. A seal with BCG is permanent and durable. BCG Special can also be used in open systems. BCG Special is filled through a filling pump in the boiler.

Safety data BCG Special

If BCG Special comes into contact with eyes, rinse immediately with plenty of clean water and seek medical advice. Skin Contact: Wash skin immediately with plenty of water. When working with BCG Special wear suitable protective gloves and goggles or face shield. BCG Special is non-toxic (but should ot be digested) in the specified mixing ratio. BCG Special must be immediately washed off with water if it comes to objects outside of the pipe system (tiles, sinks, etc.) because otherwise crystallization will take place, and the crystallised product is very difficult to remove. Moreover, observed the usual precautions when handling chemicals.

Keep out of reach of children.

Safety data sheet

PDF: Safety data sheet


Alkali salts, fibers and other additives - See MSDS.


This product can when diluted to the correct ration be discharged to sewer system.

shelf Life

5 years from date of manufacture - Protect from frost.

Technical data sheet

PDF: Technical data sheet


We recommend following products in combination with BCG Special.

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