The problem:

Loss in efficiency by corrosion deposits

The solution:

BaCoGa cleaning products

To the cleaning of pipes and piping systems of lime, rust and dirt.

Problem solve:

Small cost

The piping system is released without exchange or change from deposits and the efficiency is re-created.

Product Overview: To the cleaning of piping systems of lime, rust and dirt.


Field of application

BCG R13 is a highly concentrated cleaning fluid also suitable for drinking water installations.

Short description

BCG R13 cleaning fluid removes lime, corrosion and sediments in domestic water and heating installations. BCG R13 may also be used on systems with only a limited flow of system...

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Field of application

BCG HR is a highly concentrated cleaning fluid for heating systems.

Short description

It contains different inhibitors which allow it to be used on all heating systems also heating systems with integrated aluminium parts. BCG HR removes rust, lime and sludge...

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BaCoGa products are quality-checked and certified.

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