Gas loss

The problem:

Gas loss by leaky fabric connections

The solution:

BCG Gas 2000

Seals steel tubes with thread connections permanently.

Problem solve:

Small cost

Without construction measures the leakages are permanently eliminated.

Product Overview: Sealant for subsequent sealing of fabric connections in gas interior lines.

BCG Gas 2000

Field of application

Liquid Sealant for repair-sealing of threaded joints in hidden gas systems.

Short description

BCG GAS 2000 is dedicated for leaking gas systems with threaded joints on steel tubes.

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Short description

Läuft kein Dichtmittel mehr aus der Leitung, ist jede Leitung mit Schwammgummikugeln, deren Durchmesser mindestens um 10% größer als der größte Leitungsquerschnitt ist, zu...

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BCG Auffangwanne

Short description

BCG Auffangwanne für BCG Gas-Paket 2.

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Additional item – package 5

Short description

Feed box.

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Additional item – package 4

Short description


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Additional item – package 2

Short description

Membranpumpe komplett.

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Additional item – package 1

Short description

Füllbehälter komplett.

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Short description

Gas-Komplettsatz bestehend aus den Paketen 1 - 5.

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