Water loss

The problem:

Loss of water in the line system.

The solution:

BaCoGa liquid seal

For all types of leakages. Simply in application.

Problem solve:

Small cost

Without construction measures and associated incommodities the leakage is permanently eliminated.

Fields of application for BCG of products:


Loss of water within the drain area.

Product Overview

Underfloor heating

Loss of water in the under-floor heating.

Product Overview

Gas water heater

Loss of water in the gas hot spring under-floor heating.

Product Overview

Heating system / pipe system

Loss of water in the heating system/tubing system.

Product Overview


Loss of water in the sewer area.

Product Overview


Loss of water in the boiler.

Product Overview


Loss of water in the Swiming pool.

Product Overview

Pool lines

Loss of water in Swiming pool lines.

Product Overview

Ground collectors

Loss of water in frost-protected systems.

Product Overview

Drinking water

Loss of water in the drinking water area.

Product Overview

BaCoGa products are quality-checked and certified.

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