Field of application

BCG HR is a highly concentrated cleaning fluid for heating systems.

Short description

It contains different inhibitors which allow it to be used on all heating systems also heating systems with integrated aluminium parts. BCG HR removes rust, lime and sludge deposits in heating systems through which the performance of the system improved.


What BCG HR makes

BCG HR can be used in connection with a modernization of old plants and for general cleaning of the existing heating systems. BCG HR requires that there is a closed circuit, and at systems heated with district heating a closed loop must first be established before the product can be used.

Safety data BCG HR

Wear safety goggles when working with BCG! By eye contact: Rinse immediately with plenty of water. Spills on clothing are removed easily at normal temperature machine wash. NOTE! To avoid falls and silicate sediments any spill of BCG has to be washed of immediately.

Store out of reach for children.

R36 Irritates the eyes
S 51 Should only be used in well ventilated spaces.
S 26 By eye contact: Rinse immediately with plenty of water and seek medical advice
S 25 Avoid eye contact with the product

Safety data sheet

PDF: Safety data sheet


Citric acid, corrosion inhibitors.


The product may be discharged to the sewer system in highly diluted form – please refer to the safety data sheet.

shelf Life

2 years from date of manufacture. Protect against frost. Store cold and dry.

Technical data sheet

PDF: Technical data sheet


We recommend following products in combination with BCG HR.

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